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  1. 2nd Ammendment Explained in less than 2 minutes.
  2. Shipping guns and ammo via UPS.
  3. Selling, buying or trading firearms, ATF rules and laws
  4. Legislative Action Alert! HB875 Final House Hearing Feb 6th, 2014
  5. Constitutional scholar Publius Huldah argues Federal gun laws are unconstitutional.
  6. NCIS background check numbers report
  7. Citizens for a Realy Safe Ashton, OR.
  8. Gun Owners Spank Bloomberg, Schumer, IRS & Governor “Moonbeam” Brown
  9. 10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down
  10. Help support HB 60
  11. GA Gov signs HB 60 into law.
  12. Beretta leaves Maryland over gun laws, heads for Tennessee
  13. Indiana deer hunting, caliber requirements?
  14. WOOOO!!!! LEOSA is coming!!!
  15. Federal judge rules AR-15's are dangerous and unusual.
  16. gun laws
  17. gun control question.
  18. A funny experience
  19. 80% lower pistol build
  20. Cincinnati ruling US appeals court.
  21. Michigan Becomes a Real Shall-Issue State
  22. Sig Brace redefined by ATF
  23. proposed ban on body armor
  24. Congressional Democrats introduce ban on magazines over 10 rounds in capacity (VIDEO)
  25. Is this guy going to screw up any chance for Texas to become a opencarry state?
  26. SUNK: Constitutional Carry Bill Will Not Be Heard In Texas Senate Thanks To OC Extrem
  27. Bills nullifying federal gun bans get approval in Montana, Arizona
  28. A win for gun owners
  29. Get your M855 ammo while you still can
  30. Martin, Zimmerman and the DOJ
  31. NRA in full swing against ammo ban; Doubleheader on Fox News (VIDEO)
  32. Fraternal Order of Police: No M855 Ban Needed
  33. Up In Arms
  34. ATF Does About-Face on Ammo Ban, Calls It ‘Publishing Mistake’
  35. Ammo ban fiasco
  36. Looks Like a Win in Texas
  37. Open-carry activist speaks out after school lockdown scare
  38. Minnesota House Panel OKs Legalizing Silencers
  39. Democrats Attempt Ban Of ALL Rifle Ammunition
  40. West Virginia’s “Constitutional Carry” Bill Heads To Governor Tomblin’s Desk
  41. GOP Fires Back With Bill in House in Support of M855 Ammo
  42. Arkansas Bill Would Effectively Nullify any New Federal Gun Control Measures
  43. B. Todd Jones Out
  44. Sighting in: Proposals aim to liberalize Montana gun laws
  45. WHAT’S RIGHT WITH KANSAS? Constitutional Carry Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk
  46. No guns allowed
  47. Blubber butt Christie.
  48. Montana Governor Bullock Vetoes Constitutional Carry
  49. BREAKING: Kansas Goes Constitutional Carry
  50. Texarkana Stateline Open Carry Walk
  51. A Slippery Slope
  52. Texas Open Carry Derailed. Temporarily.
  53. Hangunlaw.us: Carry Law Update
  54. Gun Rights “Debate” Heats-Up in Michigan
  55. Concealed Carry Law and Reciprocity Update from handgunlaw.us
  56. Secret Deal Could Contain a Myriad of Gun Restrictions, Ammo Bans!
  57. air gun reclassification bills changing definition of 'firearm' in Michigan law
  58. NAGR: Patriot Act Portends National Gun Registry
  59. BREAKING: ATF Seizes 3,000 Guns from Stag Arms
  60. Latest Updates on Concealed Carry Laws Around the US
  61. This would Suck! - 170 Ohioans lose carry license over bad training
  62. Open carry activist calls for arrest of lawmakers following vote
  63. Vince Vaughn is Sane
  64. Democrats Want Liability Insurance for Gun Owners
  65. The ATF Could Really Be Working to Classify AR Pistols as NFA Items
  66. New Yorkers REFUSED To Register More than 95-Percent Of “Assault Weapons”
  67. SCOTUS unintended consequences of gay marriage ruling.
  68. US House passes concealed carry on US bases
  69. Alabama governor lifts gun free zones at state rest areas
  70. Breaking: Gun groups sue police over mental health gun confiscation
  71. Judge Says Open-Carry A-OK in Michigan Schools
  72. A gun free America in 5 easy steps
  73. Decision in Shew vs. Malloy
  74. Amish Man Challenges Gun Purchase Photo ID Requirement
  75. Tennessee Woman Faces Felony Charges After Pulling Handgun In “Self Defense”
  76. Senate showdown on gun control ends in narrow win for Second Amendment
  77. Americans Are Ignoring Radical Gun Laws… As They Should
  78. Michigan Father Takes Son into School While Openly Carrying; Hilarity Ensues
  79. Disarmament
  80. Are you sick and tired of the constant attacks?
  81. Bill to block gun control executive actions re-introduced
  82. Obama to bypass Congress by issuing executive action to expand background checks
  83. Paul Ryan, NRA blast President’s executive orders on guns, promise action
  84. Waynes response to the Maggots recent circus show
  85. Hey Texas WTH is this crap? Really ? Texas Open Carry & Wal-Mart Greeters May Clash
  86. What do new Obama rules mean for private gun sales?
  87. Georgia Democrats Introduce ‘Assault Weapon’ Confiscation Bill
  88. Obama Executive Action Weakens HIPAA
  89. FEDS are no longer processing NICS denial appeals.
  90. Massachusetts Town Subjects Carry Permit Applicants To An Essay Section
  91. McAuliffe Surrenders, Restores Concealed Carry Reciprocity in Virginia
  92. The Gun Show loophole
  93. Gun Control
  94. The Virginia Compromise on CHP reciprocity
  95. Lawmakers seek mandatory insurance from gun owners in 4 states
  96. Virginia constitutional carry bill killed in tiebreaker
  97. Florida House Overwhelmingly Approves Campus Carry
  98. Concealed pistols without a permit
  99. New rules now in effect for getting a concealed pistol license in Michigan
  100. Ruling In Maryland’s “Assault Weapons” Case Could Gut Gun Control Nationwide
  101. Would you do Open Carry if allowed by your state?
  102. Michigan Lawmakers Introduce Four Constitutional Carry Bills
  103. Florida bans backyard gun ranges
  104. Bill filed to prevent President from restricting family gun transfers
  105. Way to go West Virginia!!!
  106. Oregon Governor Brown: I Will Use Executive Orders for More Gun Control
  107. Campus carry measure heads to Georgia governor
  108. “Constitutional Carry” Bill Advances In Idaho
  109. Guns in school: Dad openly carrying causes alarm, lockdown
  110. Supreme Court holds 2nd Amendment isn’t just for muskets in stun gun case
  111. Idaho Governor Otter Signs Permitless Carry Legislation
  112. New Hampshire Senate Just Made Obtaining A Concealed Carry Permit Easier
  113. No media coverage
  114. The Next Gun Control Push: Ammunition Background Checks
  115. Constitutional Open Carry Bill Heads to Oklahoma Senate for Vote
  116. Mississippi now the 10th constitutional carry state
  117. New Tennessee law blocks international treaties that would limit gun rights
  118. University of South Alabama PD tickets student for empty holster
  119. Forbes: Hillary Clinton’s Gun Control Jihad Will Hurt Her in the General Election
  120. Social Security releases proposed rule to strip gun rights from some beneficiaries
  121. Packing Heat: Missouri Lawmakers Expand Gun Rights, OK “Concealed Carry Without Permi
  122. BREAKING: 9th Circuit Rules Second Amendment Includes Right to Acquire Firearms
  123. Wisconsin Court Tosses Convictions Against Open Carry Advocate
  124. Ohio becomes 25th state to accept CCW in lieu of Brady checks when buying guns
  125. Forgetting a gun in your carry-on could now cost you up to $100K (VIDEO)
  126. Motorcycle Carry Explained. Or Not.
  127. 2A win handed down in New Hampshire carry rights case
  128. Challenge to Florida’s open carry ban gets day in court
  129. Obama FBI Shuts Down NICS Background Check Appeals Process For Gun Owners
  130. NRA Says Democrats Should Try a New Approach,
  131. NRA caves in...
  132. BREAKING: Democrats Filibustering to Pass “Terrorist Watchlist” Gun Ban
  133. Texas.. this one needs to be fired! Bill requires background checks for high-cap mag
  134. Watch This Amazing Rant Against Politicians Calling for Gun Control
  135. Here we go again...
  136. Legal maneuverings involving the Second Amendment
  137. Trey Gowdy absolutely shreds the administration...
  138. AR Adjustable butt stock vs. the Liberals
  139. Here Comes the Gun Database: Hawaii First State
  140. Missouri governor vetoes permitless carry bill
  141. BREAKING: Supreme Court Denies Appeal on Domestic Violence Gun Ban
  142. Latest SCOTUS Ruling Threatens Everyone’s Gun Rights
  143. SCOTUS decision bans domestic abusers from owning guns
  144. Georgia open carry laws
  145. The House will vote on "common sense gun control"...
  146. California just made it illegal to posses a magazine over 10 rounds, and more...
  147. California Is Tired of Waiting for Gun Control, So We Made Our Own
  148. ATF new rules on NFA start July 13
  149. Tucson Resolution: No Private Gun Sales of Firearms That Hold Ten Rounds or More
  150. This Crazed Politicians Just Decreed That Most Common Firearms In America Are Illegal
  151. BREAKING: Obama Issues Executive Order That May Drive Gunsmiths Out of Business
  152. Felony Charges For Thinking He Lives In Free America
  153. Ark, is this you?
  154. Detroit man built up arsenal, spoke fondly of explosives, feds say
  155. Mass Governor Tells The AG To Put The Brakes On “Assault Weapon” Ban Law
  156. Texas Now Allows Concealed Carry on College Campuses
  157. Neighborhood Watch Vigilante May Face Death Penalty For “Warning Shot” Killing
  158. National Instant Criminal Background Check System Not So Instant
  159. I'm starting a gun free zone
  160. Medical Marijuana Card Holders Can Now Be Banned From Owning Guns
  161. 144 Lawmakers urge Obama to rescind ITAR gunsmithing change
  162. Three Stupid Gun Laws That Need to Be Repealed or Replaced Today
  163. More stupidity.
  164. Charges Dropped Against Texas Open Carry Activist
  165. BREAKING: Missouri Legislature Overrides Veto, Becomes Latest Constitutional Carry
  166. Kentucky lawmaker files bill mandating gun lock use
  167. Hillary on Australia, and an Australian on gun control (VIDEO)
  168. Open carry laws
  169. 50 State carry laws book (for Slewfoot)
  170. The coming national gun ban...
  171. ‘Veto Gunmageddon’ group seeks to amend California Constitution
  172. Arizona AG to Investigate City of Tucson for Illegal Destruction of Firearms
  173. Minnesota Supreme Court finds that a BB gun is not a firearm
  174. Michigan Democrats Are Proposing An Assault Weapon Ban Bill,
  175. Firearms Legal Protection
  176. form 4473 changes
  177. Hi-Yo Silver! Lone Ranger Arrested in California!
  178. This Lawsuit Could Shatter ALL Federal Gun Control Laws
  179. Bill Introduced to Hold Gun Free Zone Owners Liable for Damages
  180. Nationwide reciprocity bill ready to introduce in 2017
  181. House Republicans launch Second Amendment Caucus
  182. Federal Court Upholds CA’s 10-Day Waiting Period for All Gun Sales
  183. Gun groups hail new national reciprocity proposal
  184. Here’s what you need to know if you’re planning on flying with a gun
  185. Texas Legislator Introduces Bill to Require Background Checks for Gun Sales at Gun Sh
  186. FL Firefighter Who Answered Door With Gun Cleared Under ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law
  187. Bill calls for abolishment of ATF
  188. Tennessee bill would eliminate need for permit to open carry
  189. Alabama could be next state to see constitutional carry
  190. Congress to reverse Obama Social Security gun ban
  191. Could Trump administration lift floodgates on gun imports?
  192. Montana AG: Missoula Gun Control Unenforceable
  193. Arizona bill could allow use of ‘rat shot’ for urban pest control
  194. Gun-free school zones face demise under Trump administration
  195. Trump’s Executive Orders on Gun Control Expected Soon
  196. Live free or die!
  197. Montana House approves bills on constitutional carry, guns in post offices
  198. Arkansas House Passes Bill to Allow Campus Carry
  199. Trump Hasn’t Reversed Obama’s Lead Ammunition Ban…Yet
  200. 2017 Florida Gun Bills – Good and Bad – Revealed
  201. Constitutional Carry Introduced in Georgia
  202. Senior ATF official proposes loosening gun regulations Donald Trump Jr. fires a rif
  203. Please Write Your Congressman
  204. ‘Trucker Lives Matter’ spokesman gets NRA attention
  205. Connecticut gun owners decry proposed hike in pistol-permit fees
  206. Sheriffs Stand Opposed to Two Gun Control Bills in New Mexico
  207. BREAKING: Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Florida ‘Docs vs. GLOCKs’ Law
  208. Lawmaker wants CCW holders to get mental check beforehand
  209. Rubio and his Resurrection of The Second Amendment Enforcement Act
  210. Is Florida Saying Goodbye to Gun Free Zones?
  211. South Dakota Attorney General Defends San Diegans’ Gun Rights
  212. Proposal Looks to Expand Arkansas Campus Carry
  213. BREAKING: Fourth Circuit Upholds Maryland Rifle, Magazine Ban
  214. Constitutional carry now legal in New Hampshire
  215. Heads up Wisconsin your under attack!
  216. Virginia Gov. McAuliffe splashes veto ink on gun and knife reform bills
  217. Firearms rationing bill introduced in California
  218. Georgia Rep. Lumsden: The Second Amendment is a Right, NOT a Privilege
  219. Cornyn set to bring national reciprocity bill to Senate
  220. 2 pro-gun bills pass in Wyoming state Senate
  221. Kentucky Constitutional Carry Back in the Running
  222. New bill could finally bring 1,000,000 m1 rifles back to the states
  223. NRA sounds the alarm on New Mexico background check bill
  224. President Trump Signs Reversal of Obama’s Social Security Gun Ban
  225. Arizona Senate rejects bill to allow guns in public buildings
  226. Virgina needs a new Governor
  227. Question of the Day: Federal Concealed Carry Permit a Good Idea?
  228. Constitutional Carry Passes Alabama Senate Committee
  229. Arizona Passes Bill to Lift Infringements on Second Amendment Rights
  230. Wisconsin Supreme Court: Passengers can carry guns on Madison buses
  231. The Truth About Missouri’s Constitutional Carry Law
  232. New secretary of the interior ryan zinke overturns ban on lead ammunition
  233. 3 Post-Court Myths Dispelled By Massad Ayoob
  234. Safe gun storage legislation fails in Washington state
  235. Pennsylvania lawmakers trying to eliminate state background check system
  236. Hearing on gun control proposal delayed until Monday
  237. Arkansas lawmakers advance bill on concealed guns in parked cars
  238. Lawmakers introduce bill to make it easier to travel with firearms
  239. Transporting Firearms Across State Lines
  240. Most Dangerous City - Criminals Beware in STL
  241. Florida Action Report: Three Pro-Gun Bills Pass in the Sunshine State
  242. Ohio’s expanded concealed carry law goes into effect
  243. BREAKING: North Dakota Joins the Constitutional Carry Club
  244. Reps Introduce Bill to Strengthen Protections for Gun Owners Crossing State Lines
  245. Wisconsin lawmakers debut permitless carry legislation
  246. Tennessee lawmakers kill a pair of pro-gun bills
  247. WV Legislature Acts to Remove Bans on Guns in Parks
  248. California Dems kill ‘shall-issue’ concealed carry bill
  249. Indiana lawmakers pass bill to allow guns in Statehouse
  250. Tennessee lawmakers pass bills on suppressors and guns in boats