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  10. Is anyone on here a Class III dealer?
  11. Confirmed: NFA Transfer Times Now 90 Days…And Falling
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  14. SilencerCo will make their own pistols for Maxim series from scratch
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  16. So what does 48 rounds per second sound like anyway?
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  18. Oil filter suppressor
  19. What happened with the M16 in Vietnam?
  20. M16 v AK47
  21. Would You Buy A Machine Gun?
  22. Demo Ranch picks up a grenade launcher. Err, ‘signaling device’ (VIDEO)
  23. Scorpion 3 SBR
  24. Why we want to be DeGroat Tactical’s new best friend (VIDEOS)
  25. Ruger Announces Silent-SR ISB Integrally Suppressed Barrel
  26. You need to see usmc gunner wade bust some myths about suppressors
  27. The inside of a rimfire suppressor after 2,000 rounds is pretty gnarly (VIDEO)
  28. War Dogs at Knob Creek (VIDEO)
  29. Congress May Vote On Hearing Protection Act
  30. SHUSH Act Would Smash All Suppressor Regulations
  31. WARNING: 80% Full Auto Glock Kits For Sale
  32. Full Auto with Cheap Ammo
  33. Testing Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group w/ Suppressed Machine Gun
  34. BATFE Requests Info To Make Decision On Classifying Bumpfie Stocks as Machine Gun
  35. Down Range at FN America: SCAR Mk17, P90 & Mk46
  36. Just testing the muzzle blast of a Sherman tank (VIDEO)
  37. WW2 Ball Turret with twin .50 cals at the Big Sandy Shoot
  38. Coat Hanger Machinegun Concept of Operation
  39. Coat Hanger Machinegun Concept of Operation
  40. The suitcase-sized minigun is going into full production
  41. M134 Minigun: The Modern Gatling Gun
  42. Trump: ‘We’re Going to Seriously Look’ At Banning Suppressors