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  1. Places to shoot steel-core ammunition
  2. Remington Number 4 take down model
  3. Remington No 4 take down and Mrs Peacekeeper
  4. Savage 101 22 single shot pistol
  5. Stevens Favorite Falling Block
  6. Hinsdale 38 revolver rimfire
  7. My great-grand father's old shotgun.
  8. Three old revolvers.
  9. Old Civil War musket wall hanger
  10. How long have you had your older rifles?
  11. Can any S&W fans help out here?
  12. Model D
  13. Interesting pistols
  14. A little NRA museum eye candy
  15. Beretta presents: HUMAN TECHNOLOGY
  16. PPS 43C - 7.62x25 Pistol/Carbine
  17. Slow Motion: Remington Model 11 Shotgun
  18. LeMat Centerfire Pistol and Carbine
  19. Hungarian 29M
  20. Spanish Jo.Lo.Ar.
  21. U.S. M6 Aircrew Survival Rifle
  22. WOW - what a find!
  23. Set Guns: Trapper Guns
  24. M1912 Steyr Hahn
  25. John Thompson’s original prototype 1919 SubMachine “Tommy” Gun
  26. Mexican Pieper Revolving Carbine
  27. Slow Motion: Steyr-Mannlicher M1905
  28. Apache Knuckleduster Revolver at RIA
  29. The Tiniest, Cutest Guns (That Shoot Real Bullets)
  30. Fiala Model 1920 Combination Gun at RIA (Video)
  31. Winchester 1893 & 1897 Shotguns at RIA (Video)
  32. The P-17 Enfield
  33. Biography: Henri & Nicolas Pieper
  34. Colt “Cloverleaf” House Revolver at RIA
  35. 4 Revolvers Used by Famous Lawmen and Outlaws of the Old West
  36. Mystery “Rocking Block” Pistol at RIA
  37. Shooting the 1858 Remington Cap and Ball Revolver [VIDEO]
  38. Exclusive look at a historic Civil War admiral’s revolver
  39. The “Assault Weapon” From 1780
  40. Video: Fisherman Pulled up This Sweet Old Flintlock Rifle
  41. 5 Experimental 1911s you’ve probably never heard of
  42. The Bootleg Khyber Pass Martini Pistol [VIDEO]
  43. The Colt 1855 10-Gauge Revolving Shotgun [VIDEO]
  44. Burgess Folding Shotgun!
  45. Trying Out the French World War II MAS-36 Rifle [VIDEO]
  46. What Ever Happened to the Winchester 1873 Found in Nevada? [VIDEO]
  47. Winchester Model 1895 rifle: Winchester’s other lever gun
  48. Firing a 10-Bore Flintlock Rifle
  49. Tactical Flintlock? Own This Light-Equipped Pistol from 1800
  50. he Blunderbuss: 17th Century Dragon Firearm
  51. Sharps Big 50: The Gun That Changed the History of the West
  52. This shrapnel damaged M1911 is relic from Battle of the Bulge (13 PHOTOS)
  53. Schlegelmilch Automatic Pistol
  54. Video: Is This the World’s Smallest Working Shotgun?
  55. Video: Miniature Guns That Actually Shoot
  56. NRA goes steampunk with ‘World’s First Automatic Handgun’
  57. The ‘coffee grinder’ Sharps Carbine with a mill right in the stock
  58. Matchstick Gun
  59. Taking a look at an oddball trigger-less key pistol
  60. Will a 150-Year-Old Pinfire Revolver Shoot with Actual Vintage Ammunition?
  61. Ever See a Machine Gun with a Bent Barrel for Shooting Around Corners?
  62. 4-Bore Rifles of Yesterday Will Blow Your Mind and Shoulder
  63. We give you the only gun you have to keep blowing on so it won’t go out (VIDEO)
  64. Hidden in Plain Sight: The Disguised Firearm
  65. Forgotten Weapons: The Cochran Turret Revlolver
  66. Historic collection of rare Civil War guns to be auctioned off (12 PHOTOS)
  67. Twice your average wheelgun: The Walch 12-shot .36 caliber Navy revolver (VIDEO)
  68. Herb Parsons Gun from “Winchester ’73”
  69. Roy Rogers’ Colt Single Action Army Revolver
  70. Watch: Rotary-Mag Pistol Looks Like a Revolver
  71. One-Barrel Four-Shot Muzzleloading Ratchet Pistol (Photos & Video)
  72. Poacher’s axe gun
  73. Little Tom Pistol: First DA/SA Ever Made
  74. MG34 And The Motorcycle It Rode On: Zündapp KS 750
  75. A little CLP should clean that right up (6 PHOTO)
  76. 5 under appreciated Semi Auto rifles
  77. 4 Gauge Winchester Wildfowler
  78. 1886 Lebel Rifle: The Gun That Changed The World
  79. Moist Nuggets --
  80. Turkish Mauser
  81. CA Double Barrel Model MC Muzzleloading Pistol
  82. Savage Navy Revolver: Almost Double Action!
  83. Check out This Old School Praga 1921 One-Handed Pistol
  84. Shooting Like A PATRIOT - Flintlocks & Freedom
  85. Zane Grey had one pretty Winchester cowboy gun (VIDEO)
  86. How Sam Colt Won WWII
  87. Watch: Wesson & Leavitt Revolving Rifle
  88. Ted Bundys boot gun on G.B.
  89. Annie Oakley’s Winchester Model 1892 Smoothbore Rifle
  90. We Put Six Age-Old Muzzleloader Rules to the Ultimate Test
  91. This crude handgun was probably a more-reliable key than firearm.
  92. Cody Firearms Museum: Henry Ford’s Winchester Model 1887
  93. World War II 1911 Military Pistol from a crashed airplane over Germany
  94. Knuckleduster
  95. Mysterious Winchester Model 1873, two years later (VIDEO)
  96. 20-Shot Highly Ornate Pinfire Revolver Will Leave You Breathless
  97. Two upcoming projects --
  98. The Trench Mauser
  99. Mae and The Wall Gun
  100. This mauser 1877 single shot pistol is one very odd forgotten weapon
  101. Classic cap and ball revolver calibers get the ballistic gel test
  102. A Webley with a point: The Pritchard revolver bayonet (VIDEO)
  103. Watch: Highly Unusual European “Zig-Zag” Revolver
  104. Sedgley Mark II Glove Gun could be yours (VIDEO AND 3 PHOTOS)
  105. We bring you the playable, shootable shotgun guitar (VIDEO)
  106. This bejeweled Swiss ‘gun’ hides a surprise you would never expect
  107. Unusual Offset “Cripple Stock” Shotgun
  108. Old school auto pistol
  109. The 1858 Remington Revolver
  110. World's largest firing revolver unveiled
  111. 19th Century rifles fished up 200 miles offshore continue on road to preservation
  112. The Finnish Model M28/30 ‘Mosin-Nagant’ rifle
  113. Gun Review: Cimarron McColloch Colt Revolver
  114. I’m your Huckleberry: Doc Holliday’s gun returning to the town he died in (PHOTOS)
  115. Setting off this 47-pound 1.5 gauge punt gun looks like a time warp (VIDEO)
  116. Civil War face off: Comparing the Henry and Spencer repeaters (VIDEO)
  117. World's Rarest Firearm? George Hoenig's Rotary Round Action Gun
  118. Colt’s Model 1847 Walker — 170 years of revolver history
  119. Surplus Rifle Forum --
  120. Its time for yet again - another Mosin rebuild thread --
  121. The strange old handgun with a weird name: The fagnus revolver
  122. Big Gun: World's largest firing revolver unveiled
  123. POTD: Colt 1900 With A Three Digit Serial Number
  124. Lesser-Known Guns of the Wild West
  125. Watch: Firing the M1917 45 ACP Revolver
  126. An in-depth look at the colt 1848 baby dragoon revolver
  127. Smith & Wesson Model 1940 Light Rifle: A cautionary tale
  128. Russian M1895 Nagant revolver in 7.62x38R (VIDEO)
  129. Italian popgun: The complex Glisenti Model 1910 pistol (VIDEO)
  130. U.S. Military firearms since 1776
  131. 5 rare vintage guns and the captivating stories behind them
  132. World’s First Full-Auto Firearm was an 1855 Percussion Revolving Rifle ?!
  133. 10 of my favorite vintage revolver photographs
  134. Doughboy’s choice: Shooting the M1917 Enfield (VIDEO)
  135. 1:2 Scale Functional Copy of Volcanic Pistol
  136. Remembering the Browning FN 1903 9mm (VIDEOS)
  137. Update on the Winchester found in the desert
  138. John Wayne gun collection
  139. An 1887 vintage Colt Frontier six-shooter still kicking (VIDEO)
  140. More info on the Maxim 50 suppressed muzzleloader (VIDEO)
  141. 6 reasons your Mosin-Nagant sniper might be fake
  142. Watch: Winchester Thumb Trigger Rifle
  143. Buffalo Bill Cody’s Colt Model 1851 “Navy” Revolver Revealed
  144. A look at a rare Colt Model 1855 sidehammer ‘Root’ revolving half-stock rifle (VIDEO)
  145. The Colt Frontier Scout 22 Magnum in 5 Photos
  146. Cimarron Firearms Company introduces the Percussion Peacemaker
  147. Hungarian MINIMAX 9 Pocket Pistol
  148. Top 5 Wild West Guns
  149. Don Burgett 101st Airborne Vet talks about the M1 Garand
  150. A Victorian Bullpup Rifle with Volley Sights
  151. Triple Seven FireStar: New Muzzleloading Propellant from Hodgdon
  152. Bubba breaks
  153. The Keen-Walker Carbine
  154. WW2 Weapons Extremely Well Preserved in a Swamp
  155. 2 Alamo cannons return home after preservation, giving up a secret (VIDEO)
  156. Target Practice: Alamo Style
  157. This repeater predates the Constitution, and it’s not the only one that did (VIDEOS)
  158. Nock's Volley Gun: Clearing the Decks in the 1700s
  159. Firing a volley gun
  160. The odds that you know all 9 of these odd firearms are slim (PHOTOS)
  161. Semi-Automatic Pistols of the 19th Century
  162. Lyman® Products Voluntarily Issues Recall on Black Powder Rifles and Pistols
  163. Muzzleloader vs Breechloader: Rates of Fire Compared – Video
  164. Meet the vintage stevens model 35 offhand pistol
  165. Ingeniously Simple Caplock Mechanism Designed by Moses Babcock
  166. Respect your Elders
  167. Blast from the past: Remington Rolling Block rimfires (VIDEO)