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by fmax Combined Rating: 2.0
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A gun store hijacking price of .22lr, promoting gun scare and hoarding through lies? I'll take my business elsewhere.
  • They have good variety of accessories
  • They have good supply of ammo
  • Prices are absurd
  • Staff lacks proper firearm knowledge
  • They are paranoid
The greater Orlando area (aka Orange County), has many gun stores, and dozens of pawn shops that sells guns, ammo and accessories, so it took me a little while to get to this one. As you read this review note that this store is located right next to a pawn shop that deals in firearms, so I expected some competitive pricing.
I came to this store, located at Osceola Parkway near the Orange Avenue intersection, a couple of days ago. When I came in the staff barely acknowledged that I walked through the door, I checked out the items they had around the store, they had a decent variety of holsters, AR accessories, magazines etc..., many did not have a price tag on them, and the ones that did were extremely overpriced. I walk up to the counter and inquire about a few firearms, most they did not have in stock, they allowed me to hold them at will, when I asked some information about guns the staff didn't know much at all, I asked about different Sig Sauer models, Beretta, Glocks and if they didn't have it at the store they really didn't know anything about the gun, what it came chambered as, if it was a full size or compact. It was pretty funny for me to just sit there and amaze myself asking questions to gun store employees, none of them knew much about modern firearms. The tag prices on their guns were ridiculous, Sig P226 marked at $1k+, Glocks at $550+ some models in the $600s, all full blown retail prices, I didn't even dare looking at the tag of their Berettas. Anything "tactical" at their store were price ridiculously, pump action home defense "tactical" shotgun for $2k+, I could not take that seriously.
While looking at the guns don't expect their undivided attention, the employees seem to have ADD and just bounce around between customers, checking the computer, walking to the back and answering the phone, I literally stood at the same spot and was helped by every staff member because they all bounce around, all withing 10 min or so. They also started talking to me about how they might ban semi automatic "tactical" "assault" weapons anytime soon so I should grab one, they told me how they stopped manufacturing AK ammo (LOL) so I should buy some now while I can (their price? $10 a box of 20 of tula), I told them they didn't stop manufacturing, at best we might stop getting them from Russia, they told me yeah and they will stop shipping to us so we wont be able to get any for a long time, then I told them sure, either that or we can get from somewhere else, Russia is not the only country in the world that has 7.62x39 ammunition factories. When I looked at their AK ammo I noticed they had quite a bit of .22lr ammo, I asked the price of that, a brick of freaking thunderbolt for $50 + tax, really? They told me I should grab that because it doesn't show up often and they are flying off the shelf, I told them that the price would probably drop pretty soon, production has been increased significantly and hoarders can only store so much in their closets, the guy told me he doesn't think that will happen, I told him that he gets .22lr ammo for about the same price as 3 years ago and asked why he marked it so high and he just turned his back on me. Yup, I'm not coming back to this store, it's on my blacklist.
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