Taurus Protector Poly .357
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An amazing revolver for the price, but replace the trigger springs, cause its a hoss to pull!
  • Light weight, great hand feel, fun to shoot, acts like a large bodied .357, looks cool.
  • Stock springs are almost unusable, just slightly to bulky to pocket carry.
I wanted to share a my feelings on the Taurus Protector poly .357.
I am a big revolver guy. I can go on and on about why I prefer them to semi auto handguns. But to spare you the details, I will stick to the Taurus.
The Poly .357 is a good chunky 5 shot revolver. The Poly body makes it light, and with the 2in barrel it is a great "pocket sized" gun... THO I will confess in most of my pockets it was just a little too thick. Where a semi auto is slim, or a Ruger LCP is exceedingly small (giving me the feel of a toy cap gun) the Taurus feels like a real substantial revolver. What it excels in hand feel and fire-ability, it loses in "pocket carry." So I put it in a holster... Cause It was worth it. Otherwise its bulgingly obvious that I have a gun in my pocket, much like the Rolling Stone Album Cover for the Album "Sticky Fingers."
Ok so for a pocket carry its a bit iffy... But as a short barreled revolver its a champ! I had shot the LCP in .38 about a year ago, it felt like I was holding an M80 in my hand! The recoil and overall impact of the Poly was more in keeping with a larger bodied .38 or .357. In .38 the Polly hit no harder than my Springfield XDm 9. In .357... well its a very light short barreled gun, were not working miracles here. Even tho the hit was a lot harder in .357 it was still quick to resight and my hand was not throbbing from running twenty or so rounds through it, like it had been after five shots of the LCP.
Of all the revolvers at my disposal the Poly is my favorite target shooter and carry gun. BUT every rose has its thorns! When I first purchased the gun I noted that the trigger pull was intense. In fact I almost didn't buy it because of how heavy the trigger pull was. My father-in-law has a trigger pull gauge, and it goes up to 12 lbs. Well the stock springs on the Poly came in over 12 lbs for double action, and single action around 8 lbs. If you mean to shoot this gun, you have to be serious about it!
But there is a beautiful silver lining! Wolf Springs! I bought a set of Wolf Springs for my Poly... and it made a world of difference! Now the pull is under 6 lbs for double and around 3 lbs for single. I did the spring job myself, thinking... "its a revolver how complicated can it be!" Well I can say that several very small springs went flying when I disassembled the poly body, and it took me quite a while. You CAN do it yourself! And now that I have done it I would do it again in a second... But it is a bit of a job! Worth every second!!!
After I replaced those springs, everyone I knew wanted to shoot it. For the money and the look-and-feel of it, this is hands down one of my favorite guns.

Everyone has there opinions... that was mine!
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.38 / .357
18.2 oz
2in barrel
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