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    Quote Originally Posted by Deebo View Post
    My Diamond (Chihuaha) is bat shit crazy. She will attack a stray cat, and locks on like a missle, bee lining right for it, but when she gets to fighting, she sounds like shes dying a painful death. She comes back "strutting like a badass". When anyone pulls up on the property, she will lift her ears, and maybe growl, but if she hears a car door, or someone steps on the porch, she goes apeshit crazy, usually hiding under the TV stand.
    Dogs are cool critters to have around, they help make life better. My dog locked onto a rat once, and she would not ease off, she meant to kill it. I was afraid that it would take her eyes out, so I popped it with a .38 SWC. That good for nothing rat did not stand a chance, it really picked a bad place to come to.

    I guess I was the one that went off like a crazed killer that time; so I can understand a Chihuahua going totally nuts. I shot the rat right in my front yard, and nobody even called the cops.
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    No body gave a rat's ass?

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    My mom has a chihuahua. That is the only dog I have ever hated!

    I'll stick with our Newfoundlands, thank-you very much...
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