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Thread: House To Advance Two Gun Bills Including National Reciprocity

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    House To Advance Two Gun Bills Including National Reciprocity

    The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider two gun measures Wednesday, including one measure that is a top priority of the National Rifle Association.

    The committee will vote on a bill that allows gun owners with permits to carry concealed weapons reciprocity to travel to other states with their firearms. It will also take up another measure that updates the federal background check system after problems were exposed following a mass shooting at a Texas church earlier this month.

    Congress hasnít moved stand-alone legislation after the massacre in Las Vegas in October, when a shooter killed at least 58 people and injured hundreds more. Lawmakers from both parties said it was time to regulate bump fire stocks, accessories that the gunman used to allow his firearms to fire similar to automatic weapons. But top Republican leaders suggested new legislation may not be needed on bump stocks because the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives could address the issue administratively. So far the agency hasnít publicly stated whether it plans to take action on the accessories and bipartisan legislation has been introduced to ban them, but hasnít advanced yet in the House or Senate.

    The new House legislation addressing the background check does call for a study on the devices. The bill directs the Bureau of Justice Statistics to determine how many times a bump stock was used during a crime in the United States and report back to congressional committees in six months.
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    Heard an interesting take on hanity yesterday, a caller suggested that most of the supreme court battles are being held off, until we have a better group of judges, hoping that Ginsburg and one other old fogey would just "retire". That we would be better off holding off until we could get better results?
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