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Thread: Republican governor vetoes Oklahoma constitutional carry bill

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    Republican governor vetoes Oklahoma constitutional carry bill

    Your fired!

    Gov. Mary Fallin dropped veto ink on a permitless carry measure on her desk last week, saying it was dangerous to police and others (Photo: Fallin’s office)

    Rejecting a popular permitless carry measure on Friday, Gov. Mary Fallin said the current mandate to obtain a license to carry a concealed firearm in the state was “reasonable.”

    Fallin, a Republican who ran for office on a strong pro-gun platform in part, vetoed SB 1212 which would have allowed Oklahoma residents to carry a concealed handgun without first having to pass a training course and obtain a permit. She argued in a statement to lawmakers that the move was done out of a concern for public safety.

    “I believe the firearms requirement we current have in state law are few and reasonable,” said Fallin. “Senate Bill 1212 eliminates the training requirements for persons carrying a firearm in Oklahoma. It reduces the level of the background check necessary to carry a gun.”

    Fallin went on to describe the state’s current gun laws regarding concealed carry as “effective, appropriate and minimal,
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    When is the recall vote?
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    IMPEACH!!!! I Bet she had an affair and tied her lover to some exercise equipment and TOOK PHOTOS for Blackmail... oh wait... This is OK not MO... lol

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    Didn't want to lose 4.6 million in revenue for the state. Screw the constitutional rights of the people, it's about having the power to control the money.
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