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Thread: Zero Turn Mowers.

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    Zero Turn Mowers.

    1. Do you have one?
    2. How do you like it compared to what you used to mow with?
    3. What Mower do you have?
    4. How do you drink beer on one?

    I keep thinking on getting one. Prolly a 54"-60" deck. I am just wondering whatchayall think of em.

    I have used one a couple of times and it just wasnt comfortable... for me. I got hills and A LOT of obstacles.
    I mow 3.14 acres now with a 30 horse tractor and a 72" Finish mower. The damn outfit is almost 18' long.

    There are SOOO many brands out there:
    Bad Boy
    Big Dog
    Cub Cadet

    On yours hows the service for the hydro drive? Spin on filters?

    What am I missing?

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    I solved that problem by moving to a place where I no longer have to mow my yard. I abandon both the mower and the snowblower (and snow shovels) in the Socialist's Republic of Minnesota!

    I don't miss it a bit!
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    Takes me 45 minutes to cut 3 acres on a MTD 14 hp/ 42 cut standard tractor, with lots of obstacles and bumps ( mole hills)
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    The fire dept. I used to belong to had an Exmark.
    It had all kinds of power, it was good on hills. It's much quicker than a standard rider.
    And they come with cup holders, 2 I believe.
    But Wait! There's More!

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    I had a garden tractor growing up, but we used it for more than just grass. My understanding is the zero-turn mowers are a mower and that's it.
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    I have 4.5 ac. Bought a John Deere Z255 four years ago. I can mow everything in about 2.5 hrs. We have 30 pine 4 pecan trees and the Z turn is great around them. Other than blades and oil and air filters it has given no problems. Very high on the recommend list. Also looked at the Kabota Zturn also but no dealer
    near us.

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    Buddy I can relate. Im using a 25 hp Kubota with a 48" finish mower so I can maneuver between trees.
    My friend has a 54" Kubota diesel zero turn and he mows my place, (shy of 3 acres around the house) Including around the chicken pens and sheds in about 2 hours.

    Thank God the rest of the place is mowed by goats and cattle.
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    I have an older Kubota 60 inch Zero Turn, . . . with the little 3 cyl 24 hp Kubota engine.

    I bought it to replace a John Deere 850 with a 72 inch Woods finish mower behind it.

    With the JD, . . . I was a solid 2 hours mowing my place, . . . plus there are places I had to go back and weed eat, . . . just could not get close enough.

    Also with the JD, . . . because the exhaust for the mower is on the left . . . all turns were to the right, . . . my left shoulder stood up one day and told me I better be finding something else or it was going on strike.

    The first trip on the Kubota was a disaster, . . . ALL zero turn seats are bid out by some company in lower slobovia, . . . are made of iron pipe and 1/4 inch of hard wood padding with a vinyl cover.

    I got on the internet, . . . found a blue velour air ride seat about 70 miles away, . . . trucker was getting a day job, . . . it is on my mower and I love it.

    No, . . . I would not want to ever go back to tractor mowing.

    The 60 inch zero turn does the same mowing of the 72 inch tractor in about 15 and sometimes 20 minutes quicker, . . . better on my back and shoulder, . . . and is just overall more fun for me.

    With chains and a Johnny Cash A-Dap-Ter kit, . . . you can put a blade on the front of it, . . . pushes snow like a champ I'm told.

    I'm not sure what you mean about service for the hydro drives, . . . keep it full of oil, . . . you should not have trouble. My unit has a spin off filter for the engine, . . . another for the drive, . . . plus a screw out "strainer" on the drive. The filter is before the pump and the strainer is after the pump.

    Everything on my Kubota is hyd driven.

    There is a crank in the front, . . . rotates the front axle, . . . lifts up the front so you can sharpen or change blades. It's a little quirky to get used to, . . . but it works. You just need an impact and a big socket to release the blades, . . . and it is left hand threads.

    I don't have a lot of hills, . . . but I've got tons of obstacles, . . . and my unit handles them all quite well.

    May God bless,
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    I've got a Gravely heavy duty, light commercial zero turn. It has a flip up foot deck that provides full access to all of the belts without removing any plastic cover. I looked at a Bad Boy, buy decided the Gravely was better built. Make sure you buy one with a welded mower deck and not a stamped deck, like you find on the lower end models made for Lowes and Home Depot.

    A zero turn mower is faster and more comfortable while cutting your mowing time down at least 50%. Gotta get ya one!

    Oh yea, mine came with plush and so comfy seats!

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    Garden tractors for us because we haul stuff in a dump cart - brush, debris, horse manure. Besides just mowing.
    Wore out a Craftsman, a Poulan, now have a Husqvarna.
    Wife does all the mowing, both with the rider and a John Deere self propelled push mower.

    She cuts on the highest setting, horse does the rest.
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