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Thread: How to waste 40,000 rounds of .223, but no powder

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    How to waste 40,000 rounds of .223, but no powder

    Anti-gun freak artist hand loads 40,000 empties and hand glues them onto an aluminum core for an art piece.

    So much waste.

    Motivated by ‘Rage and Hopelessness,’ Robert Longo Takes Aim at American Gun Violence in an Epic Work for Art Basel

    “Just like people want to hear narratives in a story, when we hear facts, people also want to see patterns,” explains Longo. So when American media outlets, politicians, and citizens try to process gun violence, they tend to “try to break it down into categories like mass shooting, gang shooting, murder, self-inflicted gun wounds, suicides. But there is no pattern to gun violence in the United States, except that there are just too many guns!”

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    Id buy THAT for a Dolla...

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