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Thread: How Much Chlorine Bleach To Add In My Water Storage When Is It Enough?

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    How Much Chlorine Bleach To Add In My Water Storage When Is It Enough?

    Time to review some basic water treatment?

    If you are storing water in containers, 55 gallon drums, or any bulk size tank as a reserve for “just in case”, how much chlorine bleach (if any) should you add?

    This has been a common question and I’ve written about it a number of times over the years. I really haven’t changed my opinion about it, however it has been awhile since I brought up the topic. So here we go…
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    I use blue 7 gal. water totes from Wally World -- 3 drops of bleach per gallon ---- never had a problem --

    And fresh water flush out once a year --

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    I also would not store bleach long term as it loses its potency. I would get some 68% powdered calcium hypochlorite (ingredient in some kinds of pool shock, but check label as other stuff may be used) without algae preventer. You can mix up your bleach as you need it. Also, it is way cheaper to buy it this way if you use a lot of bleach in your daily life. All you have to do to make beach is mix it with water. On that note, it is to be stored away from humidity.

    Below is a link on how much to calcium hypochlorite is used to make bleach.
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    I thought y'all were talking about me for a minute.

    I have a 350 gallon tank and a 150 gallon tank and I didn't put any bleach in it to see what would happen to them. The 150 tank was inside and the 350 outside. After a year the 350 tank had algae growing in it profusely. So I'll put both tanks inside and bleach them up. Used to when i had my 55 gallon drums I'd put about 8 drops per gallon so I'll go that way when I fill these up again.

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