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Thread: help with garden

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    help with garden

    this is long winded but I don't want to chance it
    so here are the questions

    I plan on planting 2 kinds of mint in a raised bed with other herbs and here this issue im having
    my house along the 1 side and half of the other side has spearmint growing like mad crazy that came with the house
    I have 2 mints I like to put in the bed, one is chocolate mint and the other is sweet mint
    ants roaches and other bugs hate spearmint so I don't want to lose those but would they cross breed with my other 2 mints if they are all within less then 6 feet from each other?

    I know parsley and cilantro cant be near each other due to they cross breeding because they are from the apiaceae family (note I not sure if apiaceae spelled correctly) so how far apart I need to keep them?

    and I planting 2 thornless blackberry bushes in the fall, but when is the best time in fall? I was told you should plant all trees and bushes in the fall but they never said when

    sorry if im a wee harder to understand then normal due to a nasty headache
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    Hmm, I have a mint plant, and didn't think of different breeds. I am following.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deebo View Post
    Hmm, I have a mint plant, and didn't think of different breeds. I am following.
    Same, I've planted mint before and cross-breeding never once occurred to me!
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    I've had both spearmint and peppermint, . . . both died out, . . . wish I could get some more.

    As for fall planting, . . . mom always tried to do that, . . . in the belief that the plants did a little bit of growing, . . . spreading out in the later fall, . . . gave them the big shot in spring at blossoming and blooming big time.

    I'll be doing the same with some Colorado Blues this fall, . . . for the same reason. Probably in the middle of Oct, . . . latest would be early November.

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    My parsley never germinated
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