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Thread: The Real RunNgun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fangfarrier View Post
    From where did you get your authority to be able to give authority?
    You can safely bet a fortune cookie was involved!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeTango View Post
    You can safely bet a fortune cookie was involved!

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    A racist comment. How stereotypical of Trump's America.

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    To a socialist, everything they disagree with with is considered racist, you need to come up with a better reason if you want people to take you seriously.....

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    Wow what wonderfully foolish Dialog has ensued. Look hyere Turd burglar and have missed one main differentiating component between most of us and you....yes yes...aside from the vulgar language, bad breath, alcohol and red meat, and maybe an aunt sister or two in the family tree, We all cam here with the hopes of learning something from others, While you two (or one) came here to lecture everyone.

    SO yes, your going to get my go **** yourself persona right from the get go kitty cat, cause you haven't demonstrated any superior knowledge on anything yet. You simply tout your thoughts as eloquently as if you were spewing fiery hot lava like fecal matter from your explosive colon hose. It's a good way to birth a hemorrhoid and a bad way to gain avid listeners.

    So to end this purely asinine attempt to engage you in any civil banter, and prior to just voting for the ban hammer. I would like to say. I really feel that if we had to meet face to face, you would probably not be nearly as condescending as you are in writing, and if you were, I'm equally sure the results would be in the pages of local news before it made it to these pages.

    Good luck with Socialism...Let me know how well its working for Argentina.

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    I gone to SJW's sites and even went to piss off the young democrat party of NY and NJ
    longest I went was 3 days but that's because they banned me for 2 day
    and tow so called leftist trolls are on republican/conservative/ ancap's forums and yet not been booted after upsetting a few people

    so its either you 2 are socks which will explain why you two are still here or true leftist which will prove how real tolerance works, which something on the left side don't know how too do

    this is getting very boring
    It happened before, it can happen again.
    It happened there, it can happen here.
    It happened to that person, it can happen to you.
    No one is immune to the trials and tribulations of life.

    I'm not allowed at the Zoo anymore...

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