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Thread: Chasing away the riff raff via rock salt (VIDEO)

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    Chasing away the riff raff via rock salt (VIDEO)

    Long a rumored load favored by farmers and protective fathers, the old rock salt shotgun shell gets some serious ballistic testing.

    In the above video, Paul Harrell does the research on the fabled “less lethal” load of yesteryear, which nobody is seriously recommending these days. In response to viewer requests, he stuffs a Navy Arms muzzleloading SXS with a handful of rock salt over 100-grains of FFF black powder to give it a go.

    He tests it on a composite target made from assorted items culled from the closet,
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    My stepdad used to tell the story about him a bunch of his buddies tried to steal some watermelons.

    Old farmer came out with a long tom double barrel, . . . and they hightailed it for the rail road tracks.

    Just as they were climbing up, . . . the farmer let go a load. It hit one of pop's buddies in the butt.

    He kept hollering "I'm shot, . . . I'm shot, . . . ".

    They got him on the other side, . . . he pulled down his britches to see the damage, . . . just a really bad, . . . big, . . . red welt.

    Pop said (don't know how he knew) that the other kid was shot with rock salt.

    Never got a follow up, . . . but always figured that was the last foray into the 'melon patch.

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