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Thread: DSMOhhhhh shit.....

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    DSMOhhhhh shit.....

    Calf hurt hip. Calf no walkie.

    Fat grandfather type asshole pick up 200# calf. Carry to barn.
    Calf have mild hypothermia. Papa apply 99.9% DMSO, massage calf hip for two days.

    Calf gets up on own this evening. Yay!

    Papa has loose bowels. Why? DMSO side effects...yay...I got a dose like he did.

    Would I do it again? Hell yes. I don't know that latex gloves would hold up to it, it has been used as a solvent for over 150 years. Whatever is on your skin is absorbed with the DMSO. No amount of soap and water would remove the smell of cow from my right hand.

    But if you've livestock, I highly recommend this stuff as an anti-inflammatory. Not everyone will have an adverse reaction to it.
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    Congratulations! That is a big deal! And thanks for the info.

    Last week, I was having a conversation with our friend Eve and she asked about my upcoming schedule. I told her the next two weeks were in Tampa for work, then I have a week off for fall cattle round up, then a week back in Minnesota to meet our new grandsons. She asked "Cattle are more urgent than meeting your grandsons?!?"

    "Of course", I said. "The current batch of cattle will be dead long before our grandsons".
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    I have used the stuff. Wear nitrile gloves. They hold up a lot better than latex.
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    Ah! Good to know. I've never used the stuff in the quantity I did for the calf for the amount of time.

    Just a fun side note: there is definitely an element of sulphur passing through...
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