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Thread: What in ths sam hell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inor View Post
    Isn't Deebo jerky awesome!

    He was talking about selling it on the interwebs for a while but I think he got discouraged due to some Health Dept bullshit. But I'm thinkin' we should convince him to set up a little underground marketplace here. I mean, who can complain if a bunch of friends are just horse-trading back and forth for some jerky, AR mags, Killer Penguin, etc.?
    Did I hear Killer Penguin? Can't find it down here in NE Texas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Watchman View Post
    Did I hear Killer Penguin? Can't find it down here in NE Texas.
    Still none here in Meatchicken either.
    "The clever cat eats cheese and breathes down rat holes with baited breath." W. C. Fields

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    I thought I axed about jerky ? I have a few things to trade also. I had mentioned the padded flat rate envelopes for shipping

    from either or PayPal.

    Hunting season starts soon, and we need jerky.

    I'd like an assortment pack to pass around the campfire.

    I have numerous methods of payment
    TomE / hunterspirit

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    You did, It seems between the sites, I have several threads that I lost track of.
    Please check emails, and please text me at 505-360-5876, with addresses and orders.
    You guys are great.
    You will never be forgotten. RIP Corporal Bradley Coy (USMC)

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