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Thread: WOWSER! Why Bad Firearms Training is Worse Than No Training

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    Well, since the gloves are off, and Deebo is excited about an upcoming vacation, here ya GO.
    You will never be forgotten. RIP Corporal Bradley Coy (USMC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by K7JLJ View Post
    Only watched the first one, but can't say I see anything wrong with the drill except the level of confidence of those shown is not up to the task.

    Anyone know how to acclimate to shooting past their teammates?

    You just saw it. You do it.

    Of course there should be weeks of drilling together dry fire then to sims then live and unless you are going through the door together there is no point it doing it, but the drill has its place, just not with those obvious newbs.

    And not in a class that is not a team.

    Dave Harrington ran a similar drill in a carbine class I took. My buddy and I were pretty nervous about it, but i was always the back line, otherwise I would have sat out. We had some real keyboard commandoes in that class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hawgrider View Post
    I'm sitting here waiting to see what was gonna happen and who was going to go first.

    I'd have to guess the new guy was going for a grand entrance as the odd man out with a kicker of devils advocate. Maybe?
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    Damniit, did Coastie invite another numb nutted moron here? ^^^^
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    Gotta be a classic troll move nobody deliberately jumps into a lions den at feeding time.... do they? Pretty good odd man out entrance!
    Quote Originally Posted by K7JLJ View Post
    Yep. I blame him, he said you guys over here weren't as thin skinned as BCUSA.
    Ha, ha, ha! That is more like it, a ruckus! I don't think there are too many thin skins around here though, I got mad once and checked out for a while, but I came back. This forum is not dead, I can say that.
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