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Thread: have you chosen various bug-out locations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lopie View Post
    but stuff happens, yeah? You might have to bug out of wherever you live.

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    When that BIG pimple pops on the bottom of Yellowstone lake and the "Super Volcano" erupts, I plan to place my head firmly between my legs and attempt to kiss my A$$ goodbye.

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    If you're talking about evacuation due to a natural disaster, I have my little 18ft camper ready to rock. And I know a couple others on here have similar set up. I know where there are several campgrounds in a two hour radius. And I can dry camp a couple days pretty easy running off battery.

    If I have to split due to overrun? Yeah....I know a couple three places close enough to get to, and me return to home with malice on my mind.

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