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Thread: Dem-Controlled House Passes Magazine Ban And More

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewRiverGeorge View Post
    I lost all of my pmags in a boating apologies officer.

    Nope. I'm past that. Mine are right here. Come and get them. I dare you.
    Friends don't let friends shoot Glocks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparkyprep View Post
    Nope. I'm past that. Mine are right here. Come and get them. I dare you.
    That's about the point I'm at. If they (pick who THEY is) are at your door, it won't matter what you say or what they find/don't find. If it has reached that point, we're already screwed.
    "Every personís life is theirs by right. An individualís life can and must belong only to himself, not to any society or community, or he is then but a slave. No one can deny another person their right to their life, nor seize by force what is produced by someone else, because that is stealing their means to sustain their life. It is treason against mankind to hold a knife to a manís throat and dictate how he must live his life."


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    Well there you are, we are all safe now.
    1. I finished reading Blackhawk Down, the book, and it was very good. 2. I finished reading The Hunger Games, and it is wilder than the movie is.
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