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Thread: No, The ATF Didnít Hand Us Back Our Bump Stocks

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    No, The ATF Didnít Hand Us Back Our Bump Stocks

    The ATF Didnít Quite Give Up on the Bump Stock Case
    This week thereís been a huge buzz over the bumpiest stocks of them all. Youíve no doubt seen headlines that the ATF ďadmittedĒ it lacked the authority to ban bump stocks by slipping them into the NFA. While itís absolutely true that the rulemaking was illegal, itís unfortunately not true that the ATF admitted that. I absolutely hate to harsh a good buzz, but itís important to cut down to the truth.

    The articles centered around this issue link back to a press release on NCLAís ongoing (and very well-done) bump stock litigation, titled ďATF Admits It Lacked Authority to Issue Legislative Rule,
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    Of course, who in their right mind believes that any bureaucracy would willingly allow us to exercise our rights!?
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