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Thread: How to KILL with a Bayonet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Mills View Post
    I was taught to stick it in hard, into the belly; and then to rip them with a hard upper pull on the M-16. That is a killing move right there. I can't recall any training of using it in the hand, but it is self-evident, that it is very deadly that way too.

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    We were trained being completely unarmed against an opponent with a bayonet in his hand, and also with his bayonet attached to his rifle.
    Both standing upright, and laying on the ground with the opponent upright, as in the enemy trying to "finish you off".

    Actually, it is easier to fight unarmed against an enemy with his bayonet fixed versus just in his hand.

    Armed with a fixed bayonet we learned slash and smash, parry and thrust, vertical buttstroke to the crotch then a thrust to center mass, and others I have long forgotten.
    Using bayonet fighting moves I believe I still could, even age 72, kill someone with a 5 foot hunk of 2X4.

    When I was in, the Korean War had only been over for 15 years, the images of hordes of enemy over running your position were still fresh in senior leaders eyes.
    In fact, my company Senior Drill Sergeant was a CIB holder who served in Korea with the 7th Infantry Division - the "Bayonet Division."

    I think it is a good skill to learn, if you ever get caught with an empty magazine and no time to change it, a fixed bayonet could very well save the day.

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