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Thread: Michigan deer hunter, 13, dead after being run over by corn harvester

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    Quote Originally Posted by Innkeeper View Post
    If this was not the kids or his families property, which i assume since it was not mentioned in the article. Did he even have permission to hunt there? And had they called the property owner to say "hey i am going to be hunting your corn today".

    It is sad what happened but lots of information has been left out.

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    It was probably the field "everyone," uses to hunt on.
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    I can't remember ever still hunting or posting in standing corn . We used to make drives through it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shootbrownelk View Post
    I can't remember ever still hunting or posting in standing corn . We used to make drives through it though.
    Standing corn can be productive . . . either staying at the end of the rows (I got a buck that way one time) . . . or setting off away . . . maybe 50 ft or so . . . from the outside row somewhere in the middle.

    Cornfields that are not planted up to the very edge . . . leave an open "corridor" that deer will travel . . . rather than thru the rows where they have to dodge leaves and ears . . . and large bucks have antler problems there.

    First deer I ever saw hunting in Wisconsin was just that way . . .

    Later that day . . . a big wild dog came up the corridor . . . then turned and came out my way . . . looking for an easy kill. I had the edge . . . as I had the .308 and all he had was teeth and a "Grrr". I won . . .

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