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Thread: BREAKING: ATF Issues 60-Day Suspension of Honey Badger Cease and Desist Order

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    BREAKING: ATF Issues 60-Day Suspension of Honey Badger Cease and Desist Order

    The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms has issued a 60-day stay of their cease and desist order against Q, LLC regarding production of the Honey Badger pistol with SB Tactical stabilizing brace.

    See the letter here:
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    I'm thinking they are just pulling back . . . regrouping . . . waiting for the election and the Barrett thing to get out of the way.

    Then they will know better which way the wind is blowing . . . and act accordingly.

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    Considering how much flack they got for this, not surprised.

    Of course, don't expect them to try this again, just from a different direction.
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