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Thread: "New" lamp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gambit View Post
    if i had land to have a cabin
    i would rather have a good oil lamp/ lantern over anything using batteries
    it has this romantic feel about them
    It does, very much so.
    I remember another life, living in town, big ice storm of '95 knocked out power. We had only candles for light and it was really nice. When the power flashed back on a week later it was almost obscene; the bright lights, the loud hum of the fridge & tv roaring on... I swore that someday I'd live differently. It took 20 years to get here (and finding the right man) and I'll never leave this mountain, and the nights of oil lamps, candles and the light of the moon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MountainGirl View Post
    I remember another life, living in town, big ice storm of '95 knocked out power.
    back of 10-13-08 , thats friday the 13th!!!
    most of western NY suffered a snow storm that taken out the power ,i lived on the westside of buffalo we seen no power for almost 3 weeks
    we used candles and a oil lamp in out small apartment and a flashlight for when it was time to go potty

    this was my mother/father house so they lived down stairs in the big apartment
    taken camping coolers and few bins and placed frozen stuff in them and buried them in the snow "there was a lot of snow"

    hate to say it but it was fun, played old games etc etc etc, and my job had me working OT at 4 hsbc banks so i made out bring home 900 a week "best boss ever was paying me over double plus OT"

    only thing that i can say that sucked was my daughter was 6 month old at the time
    It happened before, it can happen again.
    It happened there, it can happen here.
    It happened to that person, it can happen to you.
    No one is immune to the trials and tribulations of life.

    I'm not allowed at the Zoo anymore...

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