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Thread: Knife Sharpening for Beginners

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    I am far too anal about sharpening my tools, especially in the wood shop. I like King brand Japanese water stones for my hand planes and Trend brand diamond "stones" for knives, chisels and router bits.

    The diamond stone I use:

    For sharpening knives and chisels, I only use the 1000 grit. The 300 grit is perfect for lapping water and oil stones and that is really the only time I use it. Unless you are sharpening carving chisels or hand planes, I cannot see why you would need more than the diamond stone.

    The best advice I can give is be prepared to invest some serious time developing muscle memory.

    Don't go crazy on the grits, especially for just knives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BucketBack View Post
    I've been using a Normark Tri Hone stone since the 90's. First day I had it, buddies kids friend dropped it off the table and a stone popped off. It was deer camp

    I five minute epoxied it back on when I went back to work

    Something like this

    I have a 4" x 24" tri hone out the barn, that I paid $5 for at a garage sale. Plus about another 20 misc stones for gouges and crank chisels
    I've got one of those. Coarse carborundum and two Arkansas med and fine. Was a present I got my parents years ago, mine since they passed.

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    Lansky or Gatco sharpening kits work well. They have short stones, but do the job. Good for pocket knives, but not for something like a long butcher knife.

    This is what I carry when out working and need to do a touch up.
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    I have a set of excellent under priced kitchen knives made by yumppin yimmines in Sweden Victornox brand formerly Forschner I think. Got the long Granton slicer the big chef knife and my favorite the 6" curved boner..plust the paring knifeThey get nice and sharp using the steel. The steel seems to also sharpen up the other knives ok too. Guess I just know how to do it or something. I have a rock but aint used it in years. lol.

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