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Thread: Got me some McNuggets

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    Well done Sas my boy!

    Pretty soon you'll have more damn eggs than you can imagine. Sounds like you've got the "predator proofing" aviary thing so that is step 1. Keep the predators out!

    Don't forget to keep plenty of water available. Our chickens drink a lot!

    Kitchen scraps are a great way to supplement their diet as we all as Meal Worms and Crickets. You've already gotten great advise on things like Oyster Shells and cleanliness. Chicken Shit is a great fertilizer but very "hot". We let ours compost for a few months then scatter in the raised beds when we rotate the crops. Look into clipping their wings just in case. the little bastards can fly so don't underestimate their ability to escape enclosures.

    Good luck!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sasquatch View Post
    Well we got some chickens. Don't plan on eating them, just getting eggs.

    3 Rhode Island, 3 Buff Orpington and 2 Americana. Any advice is appreciated because the only thing I know about chickens is they taste good with BBQ sauce.

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