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Thread: Back in the shop (finally)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by red442joe View Post
    Sorry, I got distracted...

    Oh, there is more.

    Brown & Sharpe
    Oliver of Adrian
    Jones & Lamson
    South Bend
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inor View Post
    I do have some good quality anti-fatigue mats. You are right, those are a God-send. After the ankle, I am looking at redoing the whole floor in my shop. Right now, it is concrete with an epoxy covering. The epoxy is great for clean-up. I can just blow the sawdust off with an air hose. But the epoxy is also slippery as hell when it gets wet. That is why I wiped out in the first place.

    I saw some coverings that are really popular with the car guys. They look to be about 1/2" thick rubber of some kind and snap together. They have a texture that looks like it would not be nearly as slick when wet. But they are also insanely expensive and I am not sure how my machines would roll across them. (My shop is just a 3 1/2 car garage, with no cars of course. But space is at a premium so I have all my machines on wheels so I can roll them out when I am using them and roll them back when I am not.)
    I slipped on an oil spill on an epoxy floor back in the early 90's. Shop torched cut plates to weld to floor beams for bench vises, got one in the back of the arm on the way down. Better than my noggin, but lots of blood.

    I left my floor naked concrete when I built my shop in 05, yea it soaks in oil, but not as slippery.

    And I get the premium space and wheels concept. Plan on making a dolly for my 24" throat Powermatic vertical bandsaw, don't use it a whole lot, but when I need it, it's a rockstar.

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