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Thread: Electrical problem

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    Electrical problem

    After building the pond we envisioned adding lights and a couple of lighted displays around the pond for our outdoor Christmas display. Wife would like blue lights around the pond. I'm thinking C6. Not giving it much thought at the time or the actual cost or what it would take. Its getting close to crunch time. It looks like I would have to run a #4 wire becasue of the distance. It looks like the cost of wire, conduit etc. will be ridiculous. Although I know a battery pack would cost more it would give us extra advantages during the whole year. It could be used for so much more. Based on my plans I figure the lights won't use more 300 watts max as there all leds. Anyone have any experience with a battery pack? I have no idea what size of battery pack I would need. Any other ideas?
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    You might consider two deep cycle batteries with an inverter, extension cord with a charger. Put in in an old cooler to make it weather friendly, just and idea

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