1. The forum rules also apply to the classifieds section.

2. You will not use TheOutdoorTradingPost.com for illegal purposes.

3. You are 18 years of age or older if you are selling firearms, ammunition, cars or other items requiring a bill of sale or other documents, or any other item requiring you to be a legal adult to sell the item.

4. All items listed for sale must have a price; all items up for trade must have a trade value or trade option. Users who post ads with "make offer" or ads with NO price listed will receive a notification to change the ad, after that, the ad will be removed from the classifieds.

5. You may ask whatever you want for your personal property. This rule applies to everyone. Do not spam or troll another user’s ad if you don’t like their price, as there are others who will not like your prices.

6. If you are not sure about firearm sales or transfers, you will contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives at
1-800-ATF-GUNS and/or visit the BATF website at www.atf.gov.

7. You understand that The Outdoor Trading Post DOES NOT become involved in transactions between private parties and does not certify, investigate, or in any way guarantee the capability and power under law of a person or party to engage in a particular undertaking or transaction.

8. You take personal responsibly for observing ALL applicable laws, including, but not limited to federal, state, city, etc, rules, regulations, ordinances, and judicial decisions, including, but not limited to, compliance with all relevant licensing requirements.

9. The administrators or site moderators may edit or remove information, including your posts, from the website, without notice.

10. Site users who violate these terms repeatedly may be given "Douche Bag" status or permanently removed from the site.

11. The Outdoor Trading Post may make changes to these terms at any time, without notification. All users are responsible for reading the most up-to-date version of the terms of use.


The iTrader feedback system is a very important function of this site, it allows others to see a reputation you have built within this site. Itrader allows each user to be represented by a percentage and with a comment. This function allows potential buyers or sellers know what others think about how you conducted yourself during previous transactions. Feedback can be given for any deal that at some point is considered by both parties to be a “committed deal” and can be positive, neutral or negative. Users receiving a negative feedback may dispute the feedback. Users who abuse the iTrader feature of this site may be suspended or banned.

Simple negotiations and no meetings ever scheduled are not grounds for negative feedback. Once a deal is committed then feel free to use the iTrader.

Potential buyers do not say "I will take it" without the serious intent of purchase. If you say "I will take it" and fail to show for an agreed upon meeting or meet the seller and don't buy it, then you may receive negative feedback. If the seller has misrepresented the item then they can end up with the negative.

If someone says that they want to "check out the item" and its not a committed deal, if the deal falls through no feedback should be given by either party.

Editing Classifieds Ads
To edit the thread info such as caliber, shipping, location or price click the "edit post" button once, the edit box opens, click the "go advanced" button.

Relisting an Item
The classifieds section is setup to allow the newest thread to be on top regardless of new posts within the thread. After 72 hours an option to "relist" the item will appear next to the "thanks" button. Use this button as your bump system. Please DO NOT relist your item before 72 hours.