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Thread: Survival hacks and other useful tips.

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    Survival hacks and other useful tips.

    I just wanted to start a thread about things people can do to help in survival situation or make sitautions more comfortable. I will provide a couple examples.

    First example is that one can place a cut out mylar insole on the underside of a sole of a winter boot to help radiate heat back to the underside of the feet.

    Second is glue mylar to the top of a foam sleeping mat to help radiate body heat to back towards the user's body.

    Now, it is your turn to share your survival tips and tricks.

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    If you find yourself lacerated and bleeding in the woods with no first aid kit, gather up a handfull of spiderwebs. Press the webbing into the wound to help clotting. Its nontoxic, and eventually will be harmlessly absorbed into the body.
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    Thirsty in the woods in early spring with no water. Tap a birch or maple tree with just a knife. Many other trees you can do this to as well. Look up which trees can be tapped.
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    Two bread bags and two rubber bands over the socks and under shoes/bootswill work to keep your feet dry in the snow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawgrider View Post
    Thirsty in the woods in early spring with no water. Tap a birch or maple tree with just a knife. Many other trees you can do this to as well. Look up which trees can be tapped.
    Also if you need something to help sustain you strip some spruce needles and add them to the water and boil for a high vitamin c tea.

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    Don't get caught in the woods without stuff to keep you alive.

    I know, sounds smartass, but around here there's always some dipshits that go hunting or hiking and get caught overnight in a storm, or get lost in bad weather without proper gear, and die.
    When I go, I intend to spend the night. Even if I plan on coming back in a couple hours. I've got a small maxpedition pouch with a form of water purification, shelter, fire, and food for 24 hours. I carry a canteen along with this, and first aid, and of course a knife or three. Didn't say comfortable, but survivable if I do my part.
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