GARLIC MUSTARD (Alliaria petiolata) With the look of a mustard and the spicy scent of garlic, this nutritious non-native plant can create thick patches of flavorful greens in city parks and open spaces. It can be growing in sun and shade alike, so look for it almost anywhere.
WILD GARLIC (Allium spp.) This can be the best condiment for your foraging feast. Look for this one in sunny parks, people’s yards, and any other open ground. The leaves and bulbs are good raw or cooked.
LAMBS QUARTERS (Chenopodium album) This native American weed seems to enjoy disturbed soil and busy areas. It can grow tall (2 meters) in good soil, and it provides the best spinach substitute available throughout its growing season. The small black seeds can be shaken into a bowl, and ground into flour.